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Administrative Orders

Administrative Orders
10-1 Office of the Maritime Administrator
10-2 Designation and Delegation of Authority to Act as the Maritime Administrator
10-3 National Shipping Authority
12-1 Executive Staff (Secretary, Maritime Administration and Maritime Subsidy Board)
22-1 Office of Chief Counsel
24-1 Office of Congressional and Public Affairs
25-1 Associate Administrator for Budget and Programs/Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
30-1 Associate Administrator for Administration
31-1 Office of Management and Information Services
34-1 Office of Chief Information Officer
36-1 Office of Personnel
38-1 Office of Acquisition
40-1 Associate Administrator for Policy and International Trade
41-1 Office of Policy and Plans
42-1 Office of International Activities
45-1 Office of Statistical and Economic Analysis
50-1 Associate Administrator for Financial Approvals and Cargo Preference
56-1 Office of Financial and Rate Approvals
59-1 Office of Cargo Preference
60-1 Associate Administrator for National Security
61-1 Office of Ship Operations
62-1 Office of National Security Plans
63-1 Office of Sealift Support
64-1 Office of Ship Disposal
70-1 Associate Administrator for Shipbuilding
70-1 Amendment 1
76-1 Office of Shipbuilding and Maritime Technology
77-1 Office of Marine Financing
78-1 Office of Insurance and Shipping Analysis
80-1 Associate Administrator for Port, Intermodal, and Environmental Activities
81-1 Office of Intermodal Development
82-1 Office of Environmental Activities
83-1 Office of Ports and Domestic Shipping
100-1 Regional Directors
100-2 Redelegation of Authorities to Regional Directors
120-1 Redelegation of Authorities by the North Atlantic Region Director
130-1 Redelegation of Authorities by the Central Region Director
140-1 Redelegation of Authorities by the Western Region Director
150-1 United States Merchant Marine Academy
150-2 Finding and Enforcement Directive
150-3 United States Merchant Marine Academy – Fiscal Oversight
160-1 Redelegation of Authorities by the Great Lakes Region Director
170-1 Redelegation of Authorities by the South Atlantic Region Director
200-1 Internal Directive Systems
200-1 Amendment 1
200-2 Regulations of the Maritime Administration, The Maritime Subsidy Board, and the National Shipping Authority
200-3 Waivers
210-1 General Accounting Office Audit Reports
210-2 Inspector General Audit Reports
220-11 Maritime Administration Information Technology Management
  IT Administrative Manual (ITAM)
  IT Administrative Manual (ITAM) Executive Summary
  IT Administrative Manual (ITAM) Section 1 Introduction
  IT Administrative Manual (ITAM) Section 2 Capital Planning and Investment Control Process
  Maritime Administration (MARAD) Information Technology Investment Council (ITIC)
  Maritime Administration Charter for the Information Technology Investment Review Board
  Section 9: Electronic & Information Technology Accessibility (Section 508)
  Section 10 Privacy Act Requirements and Forms 1037A, 1037B, 1037C and 1037D
  Section 12 MARAD Hardware and Software Replenishment Cycle
  Section 15 Internet and Intranet
  Section 16 Information Technology Rules of Behavior
  Section 17 Incident Reporting
230-3 Organization and Staffing
230-5 Committee Activities
240-1 Processing Formal Recommendations to the Maritime Administrator, Deputy Maritime Administrators, and the Maritime Subsidy Board
240-2 Mail Management
240-3 Correspondence Management
240-9 Internal Distribution of Publications, Directives, Reports, and Other Informational Materials
250-1 Forms Management Program
250-2 Reports Management Program
250-3 Records Management Program
250-4 Processing Requests Under the Freedom of Information Act
250-5 Implementing the Privacy Act of 1974
250-5 Amendment 1
250-6 Activity Reports
250-8 Interagency Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding
260-1 Publications Control
260-2 Publication of wp-content/uploads/pdf in the Federal Register
260-3 Source and Clearance of Statistical Data
260-4 Maritime Administration (MARAD) Assistance to Non-Government, Entertainment-Oriented Motion Picture, Television, and Video Productions
270-1 Occupational Safety and Health Program
270-1 Amendment 1
270-1 Amendment 2
270-4 Occupational Safety and Health Inspections
270-4 Amendment 1
270-6 Occupational Safety and Health Management Information
280-1 Security Program
280-2 Authority to Establish a Special Police Force for Protection of U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
290-1 Applications to Practice Review Committee
290-2 Flags to the Maritime Administration
300-1 Real Property Management
310-4 Personnel Directory
330-14 Personal Property Loss, Damage, Theft, Condemnation, and Sacrifice
340-2 Ship’s Service Activity United States Merchant Marine Academy
350-1 Official Travel
350-1 Amendment 6
350-1 Amendment 7

Amendment 8

400-3 Establishment and Utilization of Imprest Funds
400-8 Accounting Manual for Nonappropriated Funds, U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
400-8-0-H Accounting Manual for Nonappropriated Funds, Accounting Standards and Procedures
400-10 Cash Management
400-10 Amendment 1
400-11 U.S. Merchant Marine Academy – NAFI Operations
410-1 Control of Funds
410-2 Transfer of Funds for Work or Services
410-2 Amendment 1
420-1 Processing and Controlling Disputed Receivables and Claims
430-2 Audit Appeals
440-1 Furnishing of Special Statistical Data to Public or Private Parties
440-2 Gifts and Bequests
440-3 Ship Valuation Committee
440-4 User Charges
440-5 Establishment of a Financial Management Procedures Manual
500-1 Administration of Capital Construction Fund Program
500-1 Amendment 1
510-1 Determination of the Eligibility of Ships Construction-Differential Subsidy With or Without Allowances for National Defense Features
510-2 Payments on Account of Construction-Differential Subsidy
510-3 Obligation and Deobligation of Funds for Construction-Differential Subsidy (CDS)
520-1 Administration of Title XI Federal Ship Financing Guarantee Program
520-1 Amendment 1
520-1 Amendment 2
530-1 America’s Marine Highway Program
550-1 Crew Committee
550-2 Labor-Management Collective Bargaining Agreements
550-3 Merchant Marine Awards Committee
550-6 Determining Compliance With Midshipman Service Agreements Under P.L. 96 – 453
550-7 Marine Academy Maritime Careers/Service Obligation
550-8 U.S. Merchant Marine Academy – Service Obligations and Annual Reporting
560-1 Determination of Eligibility of Expenses for Subsidy Payment Under Operating-Differential Subsidy Agreements
560-3 Manual of General Procedures for Determining Operating-Differential Subsidy
560-4 Manual of General Procedures for Determining Substantiality and Extent of Foreign-Flag Competition
560-5 Payments on Account of Operating-Differential Subsidy (ODS)
560-6 Approval of Vessel Maintenance and Repair Costs for Subsidy
560-7 Approval of Applications Under Section 805(a), Merchant Marine Act, 1936, As Amended
560-8 Payment for Operation of Ships Other Than Exclusively in Foreign Trade
560-9 Manual of Procedures and Criteria for Determining the Essentiality of U.S. Foreign Trade Routes and Requirements for U.S. Flag Service
600-1 Procedures for Considering Environmental Impacts
600-2 Environmental Compliance and Environmental Coordination Committee
620-2 Establishment of a Maritime Administration Field Construction Office Manual
630-2 Ship Records – Maritime Administration – Owed or Controlled Ships
630-5 Ready Reserve Fleet (RRF) Administrative Procedures
630-5 Amendment 1
630-6 Responsibilities and Procedures for the Upgrading, Maintenance and Repair, and Activation of RRF Ships
630-7 Ready Reserve Force: Logistics Support System (RRF/LSS)
630-8 Fund Control and Related Activities for the RRF and Schoolship Programs
640-1 Award and Termination of Maritime Administration Master Lump Sum Repair Contracts
640-3 Condition Surveys of Maritime Administration Owed Ships Under Bareboat Charter and Use Agreements
640-4 Inspection of Ships Sold for Dismantling or Nontransportation Use
640-5 Condition Surveys of Ships Under Preferred Mortgage or Title XI Ship Financing Guarantees
640-6 Condition Surveys of Ships to be Delivered to Reserve Fleets
640-7 Condition Surveys of Ships Under Operating-Differential Subsidy Agreements
690-1 Trial Survey Board
710-181 Faculty Policies
710-181 Amendment 1
710-181 Amendment 2
710-181 Amendment 4
710-181 Amendment 5

Amendment 6

710-181 Amendment 7
710-182 Professional Faculty Policies
710-182 Amendment 1
720-250 Authorities to Administer Personnel Management Activities
730-310 Mandatory Placement Programs and Career Transition Services Program
730-312 Position Management Program
730-335 Merit Assignment Program Handbook: A Guide for Employees and Supervisors
760-630 Leave Administration: Absence and Leave Guide
760-640 Alternative Work Schedules (AWS) Guide
760-640 Amendment 1
770-713 Equal Employment Opportunity
770-713-A2 Equal Employment Opportunity Amendment 2
770-713-1 Equal Employment Opportunity Committees
780-810 Employees’ Compensation for Disability or Death
780-810 A Guide for Employees, Supervisors and Workers’ Compensation Assistants on the Workers’ Compensation Program
790-920 Maritime Administration Executive Resources Board
800-2 Occupant Emergency Program
800-3 Maritime Administration Plan for Emergency Operations
800-4 Industrial Preparedness Planning Program
800-4 Amendment 1
800-5 Federal Communications System (FCS) Precedence System
800-6 Emergency Planning Committee
800-8 Tanker Requirements Committee
800-9 Priority Use and Allocation of Shipping Services, Containers, and Port Facilities and Services for National Security and National Defense Related Operations
820-1 Honorary Appointments in the USMS
900-3 Internal Control and Accounting Systems
900-003-0-H1 Guide for Conducting Vulnerability Assessments
900-003-0-H2 Guide for Conducting Internal Control Reviews
None GAO Standards for Internal Control in the Federal Government
None DPM Letter 792-3, Protection of Federal Employees and the Public from Exposure to Tobacco Smoke in the Federal Workplace
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