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Presentations: Achieving Critical MASS conference, July, 2019

Posting of presentations in this collection of documents was authorized by the respective participants in the conference Achieving Critical MASS: Spotlight on the U.S. Vessel Automation Industry (ACM).  ACM was conducted as a public meeting by the Maritime Administration at Linthicum, Maryland, July 22-23, 2019.

DISCLAIMER:  The views reflected by ACM speakers and participants through their presentations made available here are strictly their own.  Invitation to speak or to participate as a presenter did not and does not express or imply endorsement by the U.S. Government, U.S. Department of Transportation, or Maritime Administration of any point of view expressed, or express or imply endorsement of any presenter view, product, or service, or suggest by implication a negative view of any competing or alternative view, product, or service by lack of invitation or inclusion in ACM.

Updated: Monday, August 5, 2019