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The Long-Range Shipbuilding Program of the U.S. Maritime Commission

360-degree view of 18 ship models that represent the progress of the U.S. Maritime Commission’s Long-Range Shipbuilding Program.

Virtual Tours

  • USNS Comet
    Comet is considered to be the first purpose-built ocean-going Roll-on/Roll-off vessel.  This panoramic virtual tour takes you inside of both the cargo and crew spaces on the former “Mother of All Ro-Ros”
  • SS Petersburg
    Originally built in 1963, Petersburg was one in a fleet of five tankers fitted with an offshore petroleum discharge system. An Offshore Petroleum Distribution System (OPDS) provides a semipermanent, all-weather facility for bulk transfer of petroleum, oils, and lubricants (POL) directly from an offshore tanker to a beach termination unit (BTU) located immediately inland from the high-water mark.
  • GTS Admiral William M. Callaghan
    Still an active part of the Ready Reserve Force, GTS Admiral William M. Callaghan is an early Roll-on/Roll-off vessel, and is the first gas turbine-driven vessel built by the U.S. Navy.  This panoramic virtual tour takes you inside of the vessel’s engine room, including a detailed look at the port side engine, General Electric LM2500 serial number 456-001.
Updated: Tuesday, November 27, 2018