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The Gateway to American Waters.

Ports are a vital part of a nation's maritime transportation system. The United States has more than 300 -- operated by states, counties, municipalities, and private corporations. Many of our ports, including the waterways and facilities connecting them, are complicated elements that integrate water, rail, road, and even airborne transportation modes. MARAD is committed to efficiently managing each and every piece of this intermodal transportation network, ensuring its role as a key contributor to our nation's economic and national security posture. 

Through our Port Infrastructure Development Program, MARAD provides expertise on port investment and finance and assists ports of all sizes and functions with infrastructure development, efficiency (agile port systems and cargo handling), deepwater licensing, and conveyance.

MARAD also chairs the National Port Readiness Network (NPRN) Steering Group, and administers Port Planning Orders for certain commercial ports to support National defense.


For general questions about our port activities, contact the Office of Port Infrastructure Development. For questions about specific programs or services, visit that program page. 

Updated: Tuesday, July 23, 2019